be your own star

Everyone knows it, the feeling you used to have as a child in your own room. You could get lost in your own fantasy and feel like part of a story you could lose yourself in. A bed became a hot-air balloon, the wardrobe became a gateway to another world and in the laundry basket you could float on the sea. Noor therefore designed this pink, dreamy room from this perspective.

Be the star in your own dreamy world is therefore what this nursery is based on. For this nursery, Noor painted two walls with the colours crab and cockatoo. To give the walls an extra touch, she stamped some stars on the wall. By adding the stamped stars, you create an original aspect, of course you could also let your own creativity run wild, who knows what beautiful things will emerge from this!

This inspiration room was created by: Noor van der Tempel.

used colours